Has Someone Died?

When someone dies, here is a suggested procedure of steps that you need to do first:

If death occurs at a hospital or medical facility or hospice house:

  • Summon Nurse and Family members
  • Let the facility know which funeral home you have selected to help with the transfer, arrangements and disposition
  • Contact Funeral Home to set time to meet to convey your directions

If death occurs at home:

  • If there is any possibility of resuscitating an individual who has been found deceased, call 911 to request ambulance and medical help. When in doubt, call 911 first.
  • Contact your funeral home
    • The Funeral Home will contact the necessary medical and law enforcement authorities to help with any medical and legal requirements according to local law enforcement and medical examiner rules.

If the deceased was under the care of Hospice at home:

  • Contact your funeral home.
  • Contact your Hospice Care Nurse.