Why are funerals so expensive?

A funeral is an experience that involves many hundreds of different details. The funeral director and staff respond to the requests of the family and brings all of the elements of the service together, usually within 24 to 36 hours. Funeral homes are one of very few businesses that are open and available to the public 24 hours and day, 365 days a year.

Families are never told they must wait to schedule the services for a loved one. The funeral home responds immediately to the needs of the family. In order to maintain and provide this priority service, a funeral home operates with a higher than normal expense factor. As in any other business, there is an extremely high premium placed on express service.

The funeral director also carries a large investment in the facilities and equipment that are required to comfortably provide the funeral or memorial service families request. The funeral home also has many other expenses that any business must bear such as taxes, insurance, promotion and advertising expenses, and staff salaries.

All these expenses must be recovered through the services provided to the family. The rate of inflation in funeral service is no greater than in other professions or services.

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